Villainous Vultures

The Villainous Vultures is one of the two opposing teams in Total Drama All-Stars. The team is made up of Heather, Duncan, Lightning, Jo, Scott, Gwen and later Alejandro. However, in Saving Private Leechball, Courtney and Duncan switched teams because of their actions in the episode. In Moon Madness, Cameron attempted to quit the game after being unable to handle Sierra's affections but Chris instead placed him on the Villains' team.

Villainous VulturesEdit

Number of 9

Villainous Vultures


Highest ranking Scott, 3rd place


Lowest ranking Lightning, 13th

member place

Team selected by Chris

Total Drama All-Stars Edit

In Heroes vs. Villains, the team is formed by Chris, appointing Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning and Scott to the team. Jo complains that the team is one member short, prompting Chris to include his robot. Excluding Gwen, everyone on the team seems proud or accepting of their villain status. The team soon develops a power struggle for leadership, while Gwen tries to encourage the other members of their team to work together. Scoffing in response, the others admit in a confessional that they don't trust anyone on the team and only do things to benefit themselves. When Chris orders the teams to pick a driver, Scott, Jo and Lightning wrestle for the position until Jo gains it by lying about being a champion shopping cart spree racer. During the challenge, the Vultures take an early lead on the Heroic Hamsters until they eventually caught up due to Scott's unwillingness to participate due to his fear of sharks. Later, Scott accidentally pushes the robot into the water and is attacked by the sharks, releasing Alejandro, which shocks everyone, especially Heather. He catches a key which ultimately ends up being the correct one, causing them to win the first challenge. They later attended the elimination ceremony where Chris asked for a volunteer. Lightning agreed to the task which was to spend the night in exile at Boney Island for a chance to find the McLean-Brand Chris Head.

In Evil Dread, the team is seen relaxing at the hotel spa, except for Lightning, who is still at Boney Island. Gwen, Duncan, Jo and Scott are at the dining table where Scott wonders if Lightning found the statue and Jo tries to convince the team to vote him off at the first opportunity. Meanwhile, Heather and Alejandro talk while Alejandro is getting a massage. Lightning returns just in time for the next challenge. The whole time, Heather and Jo compete for leadership over their team while Heather remains suspicious as to whether or not Alejandro's legs actually are "deep asleep" and Lightning gets distracted by himself constantly. They think they found all their pieces before the other team, but one piece turns out to be missing, thanks to Lightning's counting error. Due to Lightning's error proved to be costly as the Heroic Hamsters won the challenge. At their first elimination ceremony as losers, it came down to Jo and Lightning. Since Lightning failed to count correctly in the challenge, he was the first member voted off and to take the Flush of Shame.

In Saving Private Leechball, Jo, Heather and Alejandro want Gwen to create an alliance with them, knowing that Duncan would follow Gwen. Gwen realizes the trio's intentions but is happy because it puts her in a position of power. At the same time, Gwen is saddened to learn that everyone on her team believes she is a villain and that she was purposely trying to be mean to Courtney. Throughout the challenge, Jo grows more and more demanding and irritated towards her team. Alejandro is the first to be hit by a leech, taking him out of the challenge. Soon after, Jo accidentally hits Scott with their leech cannon, and Heather is hit right after. Duncan and Gwen go off together, discussing Courtney, and when Cameron attempts to get Gwen out, Duncan protects her from the leech. Gwen takes out Cameron and is moved by Duncan's chivalry, only to be immediately taken out by Mike. Jo is the last Vulture in the game, she found Courtney and Sam in a cave. She takes out Sam after he is used as a shield by Courtney. Zoey enters the cave and faces off against Jo, which her gun gets jammed. She throws her leech canister at Zoey, who dodges, takes a leech from the canister, and takes Jo out, making the Vultures lose again. At the elimination ceremony, Jo is voted off for losing the challenge and taking down her own troop by accident, and after the elimination, Duncan and Courtney swap teams as Chris deems that Duncan acted more heroically in the challenge, while Courtney was more villainous.

In Food Fright, the villains are served powdered gruel for breakfast. At the challenge, the Vultures have to eat an entire stack of pancakes and last through an obstacle course without puking. The team makes good progress until Sam decides to tag Zoey out, while Alejandro takes Heather's place. Unfortunately, Alejandro loses the eating/obstacle course challenge for his team after getting stung by a bee hidden that was hidden in Sam's shirt. It is later revealed that Sam cheated by hiding a few pieces of the pancakes in case he had to return to exile. Thus, the Vultures win and spared from elimination.

In Moon Madness, it starts out at the spa hotel with Courtney thinking about Scott. At the challenge Chris gives the team a map to navigate the forest. As Heather looks at the map, Alejandro comments on the animals' changed behavior, and Heather compliments him in an overtly nice way. The team believes that she has a been changed by the Blue Harvest Moon, Courtney and Gwen begin to bond over this, poking fun at her actions. They reach a bridge, and Gwen deems it to dangerous to cross and goes her own way. Scott then goes across the bridge first and runs into a beaver that is affected by the Blue Harvest Moon. Scott swings the beaver on to the bridge who breaks it after gnawing on the rope. As they cross, Heather almost falls, but Alejandro saves her. Because of his actions, Heather reveals that she was actually faking being nice to get back at Alejandro for calling her "typical". All of the team except for Gwen and Courtney cross the finish line as Courtney gets attacked by a deer. Gwen suddenly appears and fends off the deer with a stick, saving Courtney's life. The Blue Moon finally disappears and the two finish the challenge, winning the challenge for their team. At elimination, Scott volunteers to go back to Boney Island and Cameron later quits, but instead of taking the Flush of Shame, he is sent to the Vultures team.

In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Cameron attempts to fix his glasses, when Courtney walks up, snidely threatening that he will be eliminated from the team the next time they lose. Gwen then walks up, and offers Cameron a twist tie, which manages to fix his glasses. Gwen treats her new teammate warmly, while Heather attempts to form an alliance with Alejandro. During the challenge, the Vultures are the first to put an egg in their basket. Alejandro soon realizes that there is nothing stopping the other team from taking there eggs, and is put on guard duty. With him preoccupied, Heather goes around the Fun Zone, tells Courtney and Scott that Alejandro is planning to vote off Scott, then tells Cameron and Gwen that he is voting off Cameron. Later, she finds the McLean-Brand Chris Head and hides behind a rock, just as Alejandro (who had seen her find it) greets her. She tells Alejandro of her discovery, after the challenge was over and beaten by the Hamsters, when she goes back to retrieve it, she realizes it is gone. She blames Chris for its disappearance, but at the elimination ceremony, it is revealed that Alejandro is the one who took it, and uses it to eliminate Heather which lead to her defeat.

In Suckers Punched, the Villains eat breakfast on the cabin steps. Alejandro arrives, and Courtney warns him that with the merge coming soon, he will not have many allies after the trick he pulled last episode. The villains go first in the boxing challenge, with Scott spinning the Wheel Of Misfortune first, and he is forced to fight his greatest enemy, Fang. Scott is frozen in fear at the prospect of once again facing Fang, and Fang proceeds to easily defeats him in the match. Alejandro is the next one to go up for the team, and is challenged to face his own brother, José, in the match. Alejandro is shocked, but is determined to defeat his sibling, who continues to taunt him. They begin to fight, and when José insults Heather, Alejandro becomes furious, taking all of his pent up rage towards José out on him. He defeats José and earns his team their first point in the challenge. Cameron goes next, and is faced with what would have been Mike's challenge, a hoard of mutant gophers. He quickly loses the match, and Gwen goes up next. She is challenged to fight Courtney, who she has finally mended her friendship with, making them both hesitant to fight each other. However, when Chris plays back footage of Gwen making out with Duncan, Courtney is once again angered with her, and the two begin to fight. The fight ends in a stalemate, and the two both decide to finally put the past behind them, earning them both a point and winning for their team. At the elimination ceremony, Chris announces that the Villains will be the ones to vote off a Hero. After a short discussion, Cameron convinces the team to eliminate Sierra. She is saddens by this, but accepts her fate thanks to words of encouragement from Cameron, Alejandro is later exiled to Boney Island by the Heroes.

In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Chris announces the merge in this episode, officially breaking up the Villainous Vultures, meaning the only remaining vultures Alejandro, Cameron, Courtney, Gwen and Scott make it to the merge.


Original members

§  Alejandro

§  Duncan

§  Gwen

§  Heather

§  Jo

§  Lightning

§  Scott

Additional members

§  Courtney

§  Cameron

In Saving Private Leechball, Chris switched Courtney to the Villainous Vultures and Duncan to the Heroic Hamsters due to their behaviours during the episode.

In Moon Madness, Chris switched Cameron to the Villainous Vultures due to an elimination twist when he volunteered to eliminate himself.

Villainous Vultures Teammates

Alejandro | Cameron | Courtney | Duncan | Gwen | Heather | Jo | Lightning | Scott





Team rank


Reason for elimination





Evil Dread

His arrogance, pride and stupidity annoyed his team, and caused them to lose the challenge due to his miscalculation.





Saving Private Leechball

She annoyed her team members by trying to take control. Also, she cost them the challenge by wasting their leech cannon accidentally on Scott.





No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Alejandro was originally voted off, but because he found the invincibility statue, his vote was the only one that counted and Heather was eliminated.





Zeek and Ye Shall Find

He was injured severely so Chris removed him from the competition.





The Obsta-Kill Kourse

Mal convinced everyone to vote him off because he knew his secret.





Sundae Muddy Sundae

After Mal reveals her elimination chart, everyone began to distant themselves from her and she was voted off in a 3-2 vote; it is unknown whether or not she voted for herself like Gwen told her to.





The Bold and the Booty-ful

Gwen needed to bring back a work of art. When she found one, she accidentally defaced it and tried to fix it with bear poop. Unfortunately this ended up making Chris puke, she was disqualified from the challenge and she was therefore sent home.





The Bold and the Booty-ful

Zoey had the decision to either bring Scott or Mike to the finale, but since she promised Mike she would take him to the finale, Scott got the flush.


§  This is the first and the only "superior" team of the series to not have any of its members in the final two.

§  This team has the narrowest margin of victory over the weaker team out of all the "superior" teams thus far in the series, with only one more win than the Heroic Hamsters.

§  This team is tied with the Toxic Rats for the second-highest amount of members out of any team in the series, with nine each (behind the Screaming Gophers and Killer Bass, with twelve each).

§  This is the fourth team Gwen and Heather have been on together, making it the most instances that any two players have been on the same team together.

§  Formerly, this team consisted of four males and three females, the reverse of the Heroic Hamsters.

§  Formerly, this team consisted of four contestants from first generation cast and three contestant from second generation cast, which is also a reverse of the Heroic Hamsters.

§  This team has the largest amount of finalists in the history of Total Drama, with six: Gwen, Duncan, Heather, Alejandro, Cameron, and Lightning.

§  This is the first team that Gwen has been on since the Screaming Gophers in which she isn't the first member eliminated.

§  Counting Owen's ending, this is also the second team in which Gwen is the second highest-ranking member after the Screaming Gophers.

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