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Heroic Hamsters

Villainous Vultures

Label The "Type A"
Gender Female
Placement 5th
Episode (s) Eliminated Sundae Muddy Sundae
Friends Gwen
Enemies Duncan,Scott
First Appearance "Heroes Vs. Villains"
Voiced by Emilie Claire Barlow

Courtney is a contestant on Total Drama: All Stars as a member of the Heroic Hamsters. In "Saving Private Leechball", Courtney switches teams with Duncan, and becomes a member of the Villainous Vultures


Heroes Vs. VillainsEdit

Courtney is the eighth contestant introduced by Chris, after he calls her a "cranky know-it-all CIT", and Chef drops her into the water. When Gwen is confused as to why she was selected as a member of the Villainous Vultures, Courtney claims that it's because she's a boyfriend stealer, referring to Duncan. Despite her role as a major antagonist in the past, Courtney is put into the Heroic Hamsters along with Cameron, Sierra, Zoey, Mike, Sam and Lindsay, with Courtney complaining about her team name. While the contestants are walking towards the cliff diving challenge, Courtney glares at Gwen who is walking with Duncan, and refuses to acknowledge Duncan, which emotionally hurts him. Linsday suggests that she yells at him, since that's what he wanted, but she refuses, seeming to lose all attraction to him. Despite chickening out in the first season, she easily jumps into the shark infested waters and retrieve a key for her team, although it is the wrong one, and is annoyed with Lindsay when she is too dumb to be able to push the carriage. Courtney is then crushed under Sierra's weight after she hops into the carriage on top of her, injuring her. After he finds the correct key, the Villainous Vultures win the challenge, forcing the Hamsters to go to the marshmallow ceremony. At the ceremony, Gwen tries to make ammends with her by giving her flowers, but instead accidently gives Courtney an allergic reaction, making her even angrier. Courtney and Lindsay end up being the bottom two, and Courtney votes for Lindsay, who ends up getting eliminated. 

Evil DreadEdit

Courtney begins to grow annoyed with Sierra's excessive fan blogging and photo snapping while she's trying to sleep, calling her crazy. After Chef throws slop into the cabin for breakfast, Courtney concludes that the Hamsters need to win the next challenge so they can stay in the resort. During the challenge, Courtney and Zoey formulate a plan to divide their section of the beach into quadrants to dig in. Courtney is annoyed with her team's "loving" nature, stating that she is not here to make friends. The Heroic Hamsters find all their pieces first after Lighning fails to count the Vulture's pieces correctly, causing them the win, making Courtney excited for the spa hotel. After Gwen accidentally hurls trash into Courtney's face, their relationship is further damaged, angering Courtney once again.

Saving Private LeechballEdit

Courtney continues to grow distant from her team, because of their clashing personalities, and does not sneak food to Sam after he returns from Boney Island unlike the rest of her teammates. On the way to the challenge in the woods, Courtney continues to completely ignore Duncan and glare hatefuly at Gwen, resenting both of them. The Hamsters get a head start in the challenge because of their previous win, and Courtney yells at Sam to pick up the pace, due to his injuries from Boney Island, causing Mike to thing she is scary. The Hamsters end up ditching Sam in a cave so he can rest, but the Vultures get to the larger crate first, leaving the Hamsters with the smaller one full of slingshots. Courtney agrees to guard Sam, only so all her teammates can do the work instead of her. After Jo finds them, Courtney uses Sam as a shield, forcing Zoey to take out Jo herself, causing the Heroic Hamsters the win. However, her actions are considered very villainous to Chris, and during the marshmallow ceremony, he switches Courtney over to the Villainous Vultures and Duncan over to the Heroic Hamsters. Gwen attempts to welcome Courtney, but accidentally kicks a bucket into her face, further damaging their relationship. 

Food FrightEdit

Courtney is annoyed with Chef's "breakfast in bed" meals, as she states while in the confessional covered in gruel. When Scott arrives at the girl's cabin to collect more gruel, Courtney decides to make an alliance with him despite his disgustingness. Later, she overhears Gwen crying about how she wants to make up with her, and starts to feel bad. During the eating challenge, Courtney fails to to finish her pancake for her team due to green jelly, which she is terrified of. Throughout the challenge, she cheers for Alejandro and Scott. 

Moon MadnessEdit

No One Eggspects the Spanish OppositionEdit

Suckers PunchedEdit

You Regatta Be Kidding MeEdit

Zeek And Ye Shall FindEdit

The Obsta-kill KourseEdit


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