"Evil Dread"
TDAS, Episode 2
Production Code: 502
Airdate: September 17th, 2013
Director: Keith Oliver & Chad Hicks
Story: Terry McGurrin
Contestant Eliminated: Lightning
Winner (s): Heroic Hamsters
"Heroes Vs. Villains"
"Saving Private Leechball"

Evil Dread is the second episode of Total Drama: All Stars.  


The teams look to dig up puzzle pieces on the beach with the goal of assembling a well known landmark. Lightning returns from Boney Island and begins to annoy his teammates; Alejandro tricks Heather by acting as if his legs are useless; Sam gets bitten, and preforms poorly alongside the Heroic Hamsters; Jo and Heather fight with each other for a leadership role over the Villainous Vultures; Courtney continues to shun Gwen; Lightning is eliminanted due to his failure at helping his team.  


Character Voice Actor
Chris McLean Christian Potenza
Chef Hatchet Cle Bennett
Alejandro Alex House
Cameron Kevin Duhaney
Courtney Emilie Claire Barlow
Duncan Drew Nelson
Gwen Megan Fahlenbock
Heather Rachel Wilson
Jo Laurie Elliot
Lightning Tyrone Savage
Mike Cory Doran
Sam Brian Froud
Scott James Wallis
Sierra Annick Obonsawin
Zoey Barbara Mamabolo


  • Evil Dread is most likely parodied off of the horror film franchise "Evil Dead". 


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