This article focuses on Heatherand her interactions in Total Drama: All Stars



Heather and Alejandro's relationship is very on and off throughout the season. She is shocked and somewhat disappointed when the robot is revealed to be Alejandro himself in Heroes Vs. Villains


After Cameron switches to the Villainous Vultures team in Moon Madness, Heather glares at him from the peanut gallery. In No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition, Heather insults him in the winner's resort. 




In Saving Private Leechball, Heather tries to side with Gwen multiple times throughout the episode, as a strategical move. She comments on how Gwen treats Courtney, respecting her for her killer strategy, although Gwen denies this as her intention. She, along with Jo

Heather compliments Gwen.

and Alejandro battle over Gwen's trust throughout the challenge. In Moon Madness, Heather acts like she misses Gwen when she abandones her team at the rope ridge, while acting nice uner he Blue Harvest Moon. In No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition, after Cameron switches to the Villainous Vultures, Heather feels threatened by the companionship between Gwen and Cameron.  


Heather and Jo have a large conflict that turns into a rivalry throughout Total Drama All Stars. After they are both put onto the same team, Heather pushes Jo out of her way in Heroes Vs. Villains, calling her a "newbie", causing them to begin to fight. In Evil Dread, both of them fight over the leading position of the Vultures, both of

Heather argues with Jo.

them believing themselves qualified due to their bossy attitudes. Heather drops a large statue piece on Jo's foot on purpose, pushing Jo to shove Heather into the crab pit. However, they unanimously vote out Lightning at the elimination ceremony. In Saving Private Leechball, Heather continues to argue with Jo, blaming her for their previous loss in the challenge. This ends up annoying Gwen, who proposes that they work like an actual team. Becuase of both her and Jo's manipulative personalities, they realize that they need Gwen on their side, and begin to fight over her trust, along with Alejandro. Heather is annoyed with Jo when she loses the challenge for her team, and votes her out that night. 



In Heroes Vs. Villains, Lindsay teases Heather about Alejandro, calling him her "Honey Bunny", and

Lindsay teases Heather.

asking her if she misses him, to which Heather annoyingly denies, before shoving Lindsay out of her way. Both of them are seperated on to seperate teams, with Heather joining the Villainous Vultures and Lindsay joining the Heroic Hamsters


Heather is disgusted by Scott's attraction to Courtney in Food Fright, commenting on it by saying "barf". She also calls him "dirt for brains" when ordering him to participate in the challenge, and cheers when he manages to keep down his food after the spinner.