Label The Psycho Hose Beast
Gender Female
Friends Lindsay, Sierra
Enemies Heather, Mike
First Appearance Suckers Punched
Voiced by Katie Crown
Izzy is a crazy former contestant that appears in Total Drama: All Stars.


Suckers PunchedEdit

Izzy appears briefly in the episode dressed in a spider costume. She was originally intended to be the opponent for Cameron, but due to Chris promising that the next random spin would not be rigged, she had to fight Mike, who was under the control of Mal, instead. Even before the match starts, Izzy immediately senses odd about Mike, saying that he is sweet on the inside, but poison on the outside. She also manages to hear Mike from inside Mal by looking into Mal's eyes. After asking who Mal is, she is attacked by Mal and is swiftly defeated, being picked up by him and thrown out of the boxing ring.