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Villainous Vultures
Gender Male
Placement 13th
Episode (s) Eliminated "Evil Dread"
Enemies Heather, Jo, Duncan, Gwen, Scott, Alejandro
First Appearance "Heroes Vs. Villains"
Voiced by Tyrone Savage

Lightning is a contestant on Total Drama: All Stars as a member of the Villainous Vultures.


Heroes Vs. Villains

Lightning arrives in an enthusiastic manor when Chris introduces him along with the season four contestants, but is kicked out of the plane by Chef Hatchet. Along with the other contestants, he is shocked when Chris pranks them with Ezekiel. On the beach, Lightning is placed on the Villainous Vultures team along with Heather, Scott, Jo, the
robot, Duncan, and Gwen. During the challenge, Lightning finds the first key for his team, and is pushed to the winner's cabin by Jo. On the way, Jo proposes a two person alliance between the two despite their past indifferences, to which Lightning initially objects. At the cabin, the key won't fit the lock, and Jo insults him. Back on the cliff over the beach, Lightning tries to get a reluctant Scott to jump by pulling him off a nearby rock, but accidentally bumps into the robot, which falls off the cliff and into the water, causing it to short circuit and reveal Alejandro. Lightning is visibly shocked by this, along with the others. After Alejandro finds the correct key, the Villains win the challenge, sending the Hamsters to elimination. At the marshmallow ceremony, Lightning volunteers for exile on Boney Island.

Evil Dread

Lightning is seen having a hard time on Boney Island while in exile, but manages to catch a fish after he

Lightning shows his arrogant side.

whacks it out of the water with a stick, and proceeds to eat it raw, causing him to puke behind a rock. He presumably fails to find the hidden immunity idol. During the challenge, Lightning arrives on a ferry, and somersaults in the air, firmly landing on his teams platform. He denies finding anything after Scott tries to prod information out of him. Heather is forced to beat him in the face with a shovel when he refuses to give her one, arrogantly stating that he would be able to use them both. While Jo

Lightning takes the Flush of Shame.

and Heather argue over their team's tactic, Lightning claims that he doesn't need anyones help and starts looking in the water for a statue piece. When Jo finds one of her own, Lightning switfly grabs it from her hands and takes the credit for finding it. Lightning also fails to find the last piece, and is unable to count correctly, causing his team the lose. That night as the elimination ceremony, he is voted out, partly due to Jo's campaign to get him out of the game. 


Eliminated from Total Drama: All Stars

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in "Heroes Vs. Villains"


in "Saving Private Leechball"

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