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Heroic Hamsters
Label The Multiple Personality Disorder
Gender Male
Placement 1st

2nd (Alternate Ending)

Episode (s) Eliminated The Final Wreck-ening (Alternate Ending)
Friends Zoey, Cameron, Sam, Duncan
Enemies Alejandro, Cameron (As Mal), Scott (As Mal), Heather (As Mal) Zoey (As Mal)
First Appearance "Heroes Vs. Villains"
Voiced by Cory Doran

Mike is a contestant on Total Drama: All Stars as a member of the Heroic Hamsters


Heroes Vs. Villains

Mike is the first contestant introduced by Chris, as as he falls from the plane, shifts into all four of his multiple personalities including Vito, Svetlana, Manitoba Smith and Chester. He is shocked to see Ezekiel along with the other contestants when Chris pranks them. On the beach, both Mike and Zoey are sorted into the Heroic Hamsters along with Courtney, Sam, Cameron, Sierra, and Lindsay. During the first part of the challenge, Mike, Zoey and Scott all all shocked when they see Fang in the waters beloe the cliff. Mike accidently knocks Gwen off the cliff and they both fall in, before Zoey kisses him good luck. She saves him by using her medallion as a slingshot, hitting all three sharks. When Lindsay is unable to push for her team any longer, Mike is forced to use a stick to move the carriage himself. After the Villainous Vultures win the challenge, Lindsay is voted out for her terrible driving skills.

Evil DreadEdit

Saving Private LeechballEdit

Food FrightEdit

Moon MadnessEdit

No One Eggspects the Spanish OppositionEdit

Suckers PunchedEdit

You Regatta Be Kidding MeEdit

Zeek And Ye Shall FindEdit

The Obsta-kill KourseEdit

Sundae Muddy SundaeEdit

The Bold and the Booty-fulEdit

The Final Wreck-eningEdit


  • All four of Mike's alternate personalities have been confirmed to return including Chester, Svetlana, Vito, and Manitoba Smith.
  • There is a new personality introduced in Total Drama: All Stars who is called Mal.


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