"Saving Private Leechball"
TDAS, Episode 3
Production Code: 503
Airdate: September 24th, 2013
Director: Keith Oliver & Chad Hicks
Story: Alex Genetakos
Contestant Eliminated: Jo
Winner (s): Heroic Hamsters
"Evil Dread"
"Food Fright"

Saving Private Leechball is the third episode of Total Drama: All Stars


The two teams collect parts of unusual paintball weaponry and try to eliminate members of the opposing team. Sierra and Cameron begin to form a friendship; Mike's malevolent personality begins to take over, breaking Sam video game; Heather blames Jo for the Villainous Vultures loss in the previous challenge; Gwen and Duncan's relationship is strained; Zoey wins the challenge for her team, and in an act of valor, Duncan is switched over to the Heroic Hamsters while Courtney joins the vultures. Jo is eliminated for her contribution to her team's second loss. 


Character Voice Actor
Chris McLean Christian Potenza
Alejandro Alex House
Cameron Kevin Duhaney
Courtney Emilie Claire Barlow
Duncan Drew Nelson
Gwen Megan Fahlenbock
Heather Rachel Wilson
Jo Laurie Elliot
Mike Cory Doran
Sam Brian Froud
Scott James Wallis
Sierra Annick Obonsawin
Zoey Barbara Mamabolo


  • Saving Private Leechball is most likely parodied off of the 1998 motion picture "Saving Private Ryan".