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Villainous Vultures
Label The Devious One
Gender Male
Placement 3rd
Episode (s) Eliminated The Bold and the Booty-ful
Friends Duncan
Enemies Lightning, Jo, Zoey, Cameron, Mike, Gwen, Courtney
First Appearance "Heroes Vs. Villains"
Latest Appearance TBA
Voiced by James Wallis

Scott is a contestant on Total Drama: All Stars as a member of the Villainous Vultures.  


Heroes Vs. VillainsEdit

Scott is introduced along with the other season four contestants, and like everyone else, is shocked when Chris pranks them with Ezekiel. On the beach, Scott becomes a member of the Villainous Vultures along with Heather, Lightning, Duncan, Gwen, Jo and the robot. Confused as to why the robot cannot commicate,

Scott refuses to jump due to his fear of sharks.

Chris replies by telling him that it cackled while he was in the "hooskow". During the cliff diving challenge, Scott preforms poorly, as he is terrified of the sharks, in particular Fang, and Lighting is forced to yank him away from a rock he is grabbing onto. However, when he lets go, Lightning accidentally bumps into the Robot, which causes it to fall off the cliff and release Alejandro from inside. After the Villainous Vultures win, Scott is safe from elimination. 

Evil DreadEdit

Scott is seen enjoying the luxuries of the winners cabin, even toasting with Duncan, and is excited that he got to sleep on a real pillow full of feathers the previous night, instead of a sack full of animals on the farm. He then proposes throwing the next challenge in order to vote off Lightning, in fear that he would find the immunity idol on Boney Island, but agrees that he would rather be at the winners cabin. During the challenge, Scott tries to cheat

Scott digs up the Hamster's statue pieces.

against the Hamsters by undigging and redigging one of their puzzle pieces in the Vulture's side of the beach, but is caught by Mike as Manitoba Smith, who causes him to back up and activate a trap which sends a hive of bees at him. In panic, he accidentally knocks Mike unconcious with his shovel, indirectly re-awakening the Malevolent personality inside of him. After the Hamsters are able to find all their pieces first, the Vultures lose, and Lightning is voted out. 

Saving Private LeechballEdit

Scott is annoyed with the poor conditions of the loser's cabin, and his bed accidentally collapses on him, causing him to get nails in his hands and a spring in his eye. As Chris explains the challenge, he is accidentally shot with a leech by Chef. The Vultures are able to beat the Hamsters to the larger crate, and get the cannon, which they immediantly argue over who should man it. While in the woods, they are ambushed by the Hamsters and Scott is shot multiple times with leeches, causing him to lose conciousness. After the Vultures lose the challenge once again, Jo is sent home for her contribution to their loss. 

Food FrightEdit



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