"The Final Wrech-ening"
TDAS, Episode 13
Production Code: 513
Airdate: December 3rd, 2013
Director: Keith Oliver & Chad Hicks
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Alex Genetakos & Terry McGurrin
Contestant Eliminated: Zoey

Mike (Alternate Ending)

Winner (s): Mike

Zoey (Alternate Ending)

"The Bold and the Booty-ful"

The Final Wreck-ening is the thirteenth episode of Total Drama: All Stars.


The final two contestants face off with one winning the prize of one million dollars. Zoey singles out Mal for who he really is; Mal reveals his true self, while facing off against Zoey. The contestants have to each shoot down two former players as helpers each, who are trapped in gas bubbles. Zoey gets Cameron and Gwen, while Mal gets Alejandro and Heather. Mike ends up conquering his other personas and Mal once and for all; Zoey and Mike share their first kiss; Heather and Alejandro express their love for one another; In the end, One Contestant is crowned winner while another becomes runner-up. However, in a disasterous turn of events, the challenge ends up sinking Camp Wawanakwa once and for all.  


Character Voice Actor
Chris McLean Christian Potenza
Chef Hatchet Cle Bennett
Alejandro Alex House
Cameron Kevin Duhaney
Gwen Megan Fahlenbock
Mike Cory Doran
Zoey Barbara Mamabolo