Favorite CharactersEdit

Alejandro is my number one characterAdded by MariaAnnAlejandro is number one. He is so handsome!!!! [1]Gwen is number twoAdded by MariaAnnGwen is my second favorite. I want to become like her someday. She used to be my favorite. [2]Dawn is my third favorite.Added by MariaAnn

Dawn is my third favorite. Too bad she wasn't in TDAS.

I miss her. She used to be my second best.

Katie and Sadie are my fourth favorite. <img alt="DufvAGYUSFaewbgui" src="" width="180" height="103" class="thumbimage" data-image-name="DufvAGYUSFaewbgui.png" data-image-key="DufvAGYUSFaewbgui.png" />Katie and Sadie are tied for 4thAdded by MariaAnn<img alt="Justin is handsome" src="" width="180" height="101" class="thumbimage" data-image-name="Justin is handsome.png" data-image-key="Justin_is_handsome.png" />He is my fifth favorite.Added by MariaAnn

Justin is my 5th favorite.

#6 is Zoey.

Cameron is number


Do not forget about Beth.

She's 8th

#9 is (sadly and pathetically) Sierra
Cody is ten. Lindsay is 11. Lovely Anna Maria is 12 Izzy and Owen are tied for 13th place.

Jo and 

Lightning is tied fot 14.

Courtney is 15th. Duncan is 16th. Trent is 17th
Bridgette and Geoff are tied for 18th 19th is Brick Noah is 20th Tyler is 21st
Eva is 22nd DJ is 23nd 24th is Scott And 25th is Mike(AKA Mal)

Dakota and Sam are 26th

Chef is 27th

Chris' interns are 28th( they deserve it)

The person who is 29th is Harold

Chris and Heather are tied for 30th