Heroic Hamsters
Label The Indie Chick
Gender Female
Placement 2nd

1st (Alternate Ending)

Episode (s) Eliminated The Final Wreck-ening
Friends Mike, Cameron, Sam, Sierra, Gwen
Enemies Mal, Ezekiel, Courtney
First Appearance "Heroes Vs. Villains"
Voiced by Barbara Mamabolo

Zoey is a contestant on Total Drama: All Stars as a member of the Heroic Hamsters


Heroes Vs. Villains

Zoey is the second contestant introduced by Chris, after her boyfriend Mike. Along with the other contestants, she is shocked after Chris pranks them with Ezekiel. On the beach, Zoey is sorted into the Heroic Hamsters along with Mike, Sierra, Sam, Courtney, Cameron, and Lindsay. During the challenge, Zoey preforms well, although she fails to retrieve the right key for the hotel. After the sharks are about to attack Mike while he is in the water, Zoey uses his medallion as a slingshot, hitting all three sharks squarely, impressing the others. After Alejandro is revealed to be the robot, Zoey is visibly shocked. The Heroic Hamsters end up losing against the Villainous Vultures, and Lindsay is eliminated for her terrible "driving" skills. 

Evil Dread

In day two of the competition, Zoey and Courtney are somewhat freaked out by Sierra's constant blogging photos of them on her blog. During the challenge, she asks Sam if he's okay when he stumbles over them, extremely pale and shaky. With the help of Manitoba Smith, Mike's alternate personality, she is able to sucessfuly dig up several pieces of their team's statue. After Mike is knocked unconcious by Scott, Zoey rushes to his aide, not knowing about the creation of a fifth evil personality, and is confused when he laughs at Sam along with the other villains after he recieves jelly stings. Eventually, Zoey manages to find the final piece of their statue of Liberty, the torch arm, and the Heroic Hamsters win. During the Villainous Vulture's elimination ceremony, Zoey is once again confused after Mike momentarily switches into his "evil" new personality, but dismisses it. 

Saving Private Leechball


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Eliminated from Total Drama: All Stars

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End of Season